The next meeting for 2020-21 year will be postponed due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

100 Kids Who Care in Santa Fe meets four times a year for one hour. Kids can choose the charities they want to nominate and we’ll put those names in a hat. We’ll draw out three and whoever nominated the non profits has 5 minutes to tell the group about the organization and answer any questions. Then we’ll vote and whichever cause has the most votes will be given the collective donation.

Kids can join as an individual for $20, a team of two for $10 each, or a team of four for $5 each, that way kids from all income levels can participate and are able to help make a difference in Santa Fe. One vote equals $20 so teams share a vote.

The first 100 kids to either bring five friends or attend four meetings will receive a certificate as well as having their name added to our website as a founding member of this amazing organization. The first 25 kids will receive a 100 Kids Who Care Santa Fe tea shirt in addition.

We have raised: $1,760

(website updates are pending for previous two meetings)

Our Winners:

READING QUEST Saturday, January 27: The winner of our first ever meeting is Reading Quest (Read is Magic), an organization that focuses on helping teach kids to read through tutoring with teenagers in our community. We are so thrilled to have helped this great cause and can’t wait to hear from them at our next event. We raised $300.00

ScreenShot2017-03-26at1.11.10PM Saturday, February 24: The winner of our second meeting is Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary, an organization that specializes in animal rescue and rehabilitation for animals that have been abused and miss treated in Northern New Mexico. The amount raised was $120.00

Unknown Saturday, March 31: The winner of our third meeting is The Young Curators Project, a group of students in Santa Fe that specialize in visual art and collaborate to create an installation of their own. We raised $125.00

WebLogo.pngSaturday, April 21: The winner of our fourth meeting is The Blue Elephant Project, an organization whose mission is to provide children with art supplies to express grief and trauma they couldn’t otherwise express and bring children together through art. We raised $140.00

Unknown  Saturday, March 30: The winner of our fifth meeting is The Santa Fe Animal Shelter. The mission of the shelter is to provide accessible spay and nueter programs to fight population problems and to find homes for the animals of Santa Fe. We raised $120.00

Unknown-1 Saturday, April 20: The winner of our sixth meeting is Monte Del Sol Casa Program, who mission it is to aid students grades 7-12 who’s families are homeless and provide then with meals. We raised $125.00